Grupo Ecoquintas

Grupo Ecoquintas

Land, Lots and Quintas for Sale in La Fortuna de San Carlos 100% Financed

We are a developer of real estate projects.

Contact Our Sales Team

At Grupo Ecoquintas we strive to give personal and attentive service. Contact our sales consultants to request information about our properties.


Andrés Zúñiga

Sales Executive
Tel: 8654-4883 [email protected]


Carlos Arana

Sales Executive
Tel: 8396-0951 [email protected]


Marco Vinicio

Sales Executive
Tel: 8703-8811 [email protected]


Migue Quirós

Sales Executive
Tel: 8332-9010 [email protected]


Karen Arias

Sales Executive
Tel: 8498-4319 [email protected]


Jose Alfredo Zúñiga

Sales Executive
Tel: 6068-1636 [email protected]


Roberto Zúñiga

Sales Executive
Tel: 8921-6806 [email protected]

Complete Financing Solution

Crediquintas is our financing platform that allows you to obtain the property you always dreamed of, with simple fixed installments. Learn more about Crediquintas here..


100% Financed

With our own platform, we can finance the total value of the property you wish to acquire for the enjoyment of your entire family.


Fixed Installments

The amount does not vary. You can maintain for a term of up to 20 years the same monthly payment of the credit.


No Premium

Crediquintas allows you to access your credit without the need to pay a premium.


No Guarantor

Crediquintas makes sure that your loan does not require a guarantor and you can buy your desired block of land.